Volunteers Needed for the following Unified Muslim Society Services for our Families

Please Join become Ansar to build Unified Muslim Society

Our Current Projects

1. Muslim Families Invitation for Unified Muslim Society Membership & Volunteering
2. National Zakat, Sadaqah and Micro-Financing Platform & Services for Families & Societies
3. National Real Estate Resources & Investment Platform
4. Financial Awareness and Resources for Families
5. Food Distribution Platform & Resources
6. Jobs, Freelancing Projects, Internships & Career Resources

Meet Our Advisory Team

1. Syed Rizwan Ashraf (Chairman Unified Muslim Society)
2. Syed Mustafa Kazmi
3. Syed Hassan
4. Syed Adnan
5. Syed Khalid Shahab
6. Syeda Mona Badar
7. Syed Wajahat
8. Salim Mastan

Our Journey Roadmap

Volunteers Needed for the following Unified Muslim Society Services for our Families
Stage 0
(Governance, Design,
Architecture, Capabilities)
Family Services
  • Risk Heat map
  • Project Management Office
  • Governance Operating Model & Benefits for Nonprofits & Communities
  • Integrated Capabilities for UMS Family Program
  • Cloud & Infrastructure Architecture
  • Database & Applications/Services Architecture
  • Identity & Access Management Architecture
  • Web Servers, CDN & Proxy Architecture
  • Firewall & Secure Network
  • Backups, Storage architecture
  • Development & Automation Architecture
Stage 1
Introduction & Awareness
Society Services
  • Develop and agree on governance structure, decision authority, scope, and outcomes (Feb-June).
  • Define charter, scope, and membership for Social Initiative domains (June-Sept).
  • Identify and socialize key stakeholders and business co-chairs (Aug-Oct).
  • Launch UMS Advocacy Working Group (Oct-Dec).
Stage 2
Affordable Housing
  • Build Society Benefits scorecards that provide context, credibility, and “call to action.”
  • Develop key tools including maturity models and effective presentation templates to integrate business strategies and goals.
  • Track the status of relationships with stakeholders.
  • Report on UMS Family Program performance and impact score for the full year.
Stage 3
Society Wide Operations
Civic Engagement
  • Establish Charter, Council & capabilities roadmap with UMS Governance Partners (County, City, State, Federal, Community Nonprofits, Corporations, Financials & Healthcare)
  • Evaluate the UMS governance program as a whole via focused interviews and surveys.
  • Monitor key risk remediation and controls pre-post the development of Environment Services Governance.
  • Report on Society Programs performance for the full year to the Council, Community and Media